Welcome. Edgartown News was born from the simple fact that I have ink and Dektol in my veins and I need to write and photograph more than I need air or food, and from my love for this little town where I grew up and raised my family, the town I have left a few times but can't quite shake for good. Here you will find wanderings and musings, photographs and commentary; the people, places, and happenings - past and present - of a small island town: my home town.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer 2010

This has been an amazing summer, a "10" for 2010, I'd say. Many say, "It's too hot." I say, "Too hot for what? It's summer, it's supposed to be hot." I love summer, and I love the heat (I also love winter, and the cold). This is what we wait for all year. Make that two years - remember? - we didn't get a summer last year. My only complaint is, it is all going much too fast. In June we prepare; July lumbers towards August. We tumble over the hump of August 1st, and by now - on the cusp of mid-August - summer is a Nantucket sleigh ride, careening out of control - hang on tight! All the more reason to savor every hot day, every warm breeze, every summer flower, every bird-song, every cricket-chirp, every wind-filled sail in the harbor, every twilight walk through people-filled streets, every summer constellation, every sweet and tangy rose-hip; every bike ride, boat ride, picnic, concert, reunion, and, best of all - every delicious, renewing, end-of-day swim.

Summer streets


  1. Sara, Thanks for reminding me to stay in the moment, and to enjoy it.
    I know I will yearn for these hazy,hot,crowded days come lonely, cold January and February.
    Great pictures too.

  2. A - thank you. I am trying to remind myself, as well. I love love love summer.