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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene, Edgartown, Massachusetts

Hurricane Irene, Edgartown, Massachusetts from Sara Piazza on Vimeo.

Okay, I think we are officially calling Irene a tropical storm at this point.

And yes, better safe than sorry, but I think Irene was way over-hyped. And what about all that Code Red business - I think I'm smart enough to find emergency info if needed; no need to pipe this stuff into my home.

Here's some footage from today, my first attempt at cutting and pasting and adding (royalty-free) music; enjoying this "snow day" in August, a rare Sunday at home. It's a bit long, and could be tweaked and nudged here and there, but I think I'm at least getting the hang of the tools and the process (and repeat after me, "Sara is not going to get into movie-making...").

Waiting for Irene

My apologies - I have fallen behind in posting to Edgartown News. It's been an extremely busy summer.

Here's a little clip from today. Stay safe, and see you on the other side.

Hurricane Irene, -24 Hours from Sara Piazza on Vimeo.
South Beach, Edgartown; waiting for Irene. The little kids playing at wave's edge are part of the reason I don't go to this beach very often - people have no concept of the power of the ocean and it makes me crazy watching these kids on the verge of potentially being snatched away at any moment. We were not allowed here as children - islanders just didn't come here - and now, on any given summer's day, there are upwards of 20,000 people on this beach.

Ironically, I am a surfer - but not at this beach; too many rip tides and too much undertow. I expect the surf up-island will be excellent in the aftermath of Irene. I'll give it a few days to calm down, though (not like my younger years - oh, the things I'm glad my mother never knew).

But I'm very excited - this is my first attempt at recording and importing and syncing my own audio, something I've been wanting to learn how to do for a while, now made possible with my new, and most awesome, H4N Zoom - fantastic! For starters, the G12 is a great little video camera, but the in-camera audio from this clip is totally wind-blown. What a joy to have such a clean audio track. The roaring sound in this video is literally the surge of the ocean. The H4N will be great for music videos, for syncing with the 5D.

While working on this little project (little? ha - try hours! downloading and learning new software - what is wrong with me that I always have to be doing things I know absolutely nothing about?), I was remembering being in this same room as a thirteen year-old - can you believe, almost fifty years ago - and making primitive two-track recordings with two tape recorders - you know, recording onto one, then playing it while recording onto the second one; playing guitar and singing harmony with myself. Same room, many years later, with awesome equipment. My interests haven't changed that much over the years, I guess. And yes, I'm a gadget freak.

Anyway, it's midnight, and there's not much going on outside as far as I can see and hear. Stay tuned.

Hurricane Irene, South Beach, Edgartown

Hurricane Irene, South Beach, Edgartown

Hurricane Irene, South Beach, Edgartown