Welcome. Edgartown News was born from the simple fact that I have ink and Dektol in my veins and I need to write and photograph more than I need air or food, and from my love for this little town where I grew up and raised my family, the town I have left a few times but can't quite shake for good. Here you will find the wanderings and musings, photographs and commentary; the people, places, and happenings - past and present - of a small island town: my home town.

Saturday, February 27, 2021



I am known to seek out the full moon, carefully checking times and locations with my photographer's ephemeris, setting my alarm, and standing in wait with my camera on a tripod at the chosen time and place. The best time to shoot the full moon is actually the evening before the full moon, when the moon is coming up over the eastern horizon while there is still a little bit of daylight. Of course here on the island it is as likely as not that, even after a crystal clear day, the sky at sunset has become too misty to even see the moon. This evening would have been a good time to have planned such an outing but I forgot all about it. I was happy, though, to have come across this scene while walking to visit my family this evening. This is why I always try to remember to throw my little Lumix over my shoulder every time I leave the house. You just never know.

Monday, February 15, 2021

No Swimming Today

Well, unless you happen to be a seal. 

The Snowy Path (one of my favorite Irish tunes to play on my fiddle).

The bare bones of winter, with seeds of hope embedded within.