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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bend in the Road Beach - good news and bad news

 Our Bend in the Road Beach (home of the best swimming on the planet, I dare say) is slightly improved this summer - the steep hill that was created by last year's renovations has been smoothed out, a few picnic tables and benches have been added, and the beach is, over-all, more usable.

There is one major problem, however: the spoils that were most recently dumped onto the beach (from the dredging of Sengekontacket) contained a preponderance of stones. Yes, what was once a lovely sandy beach is now unfit for walking on with bare feet. Ouch! I wonder what advanced-degreed engineer master-minded this fiasco? (Probably the same engineer who designed the man-made dune that blocks the view of the water from the parking lot, the lot where many locals, some elderly and unable to get down to the beach, once loved to come and sit at the end of the day and watch the water and the activities on the beach. This same dune also blocks the refreshing afternoon wind - it's an oven on that beach on a hot day.)

I can't imagine that those stones are going anywhere, sorry to say. 
The swimming is still good, but you'll have to go up farther towards the bridge to find the soft, uncorrupted sand.

See you there.

This year's spoils, awaiting dispersal

Beach renewal, spring 2009

The new beach - spacious but painful to walk on with bare feet

Sand and water always guarantee hours of happiness

 "Oh, water boy - bring the buck-buck-bucket here."
Watch it - this guy is looking for your lunch
Treasures to take home in a blue pail

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