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Friday, June 10, 2011

In the Swim

It's that time of year again - can you believe it? Yesterday, June 9, I took my third swim of the season. I began on June 7, the earliest that I can remember in some years, inspired by this week's heat-wave and having worked up a good sweat over at my Plantingfield Way house. Mind you, it's not my usual 1/8-1/4 mile; more like a very fast 50' - and then out, as the water is chilly. According to the MV Coastal Observatory, the near-bottom water temp (off of South Beach) is 59.1 degrees. It's probably a bit warmer at Bend in the Road, but not by much - let me tell you, once I hit that water (no slow-entry for this girl, either; I'm the run-and-dive type), I am wide awake. But then again, if I wanted warm water I'd either move to Florida or stay home and take a bath.

Edgartown Bend-in-the-Road Beach


  1. You go girl-Jerry wants to know if you're trying to take Marie Crowley's place!!

  2. Ha ha - I'd have to be swimming in January to take Marie Crawley's place. She was something, wasn't she?

  3. It's probably too late for this summer but next summer I want to play music on the Vineyard and maybe I can get some pics and ink from you. Our official football schedule for the Brighton Bengals has not come out yet but tentatively we are supposed to play the Vineyard @ the Vineyard this year for our season opener. I'll let you know. Playing @ Costello's in Jamaica Plain has pushed our music more towards R&B to accommodate the audience. We will probably be doing an open mike every Thursday night there in the fall as well and staying in Brookline. I'll keep in touch. I still love your cell phone version of Born to Be Wild of Rick Barron and The Quavers. It has to be one of the best of all time and so spontaneous. Hope you are happy and playing and cantoring and singing

  4. There are lots of possible meeting places on the Vineyard...the grocery store, post office, school parking lot. I love that you and I reconnected at the DUMP! Says something about us? Mary

  5. Rick - great to hear from you. Give a holler if you get down this way. Between your R&b and my Irish trad, our twains haven't met lately. Hope to see you soon - yes all is well; busy and happily doing all of the above.

    Mary - it wasn't just at the dump, it was deep in the bowels of the newspaper recycling shed. Too funny. I always love seeing you :-)