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Sunday, June 12, 2011

First-Swim Update

Bend in the Road beach, Edgartown

My friend Liz H., who is too modest to boast of it here, informs me that her first swim was on May 27. That gives me a date to beat for next year. Yes, I'm actually a very competitive person, didn't you know? I'm so competitive, I can't stand traffic being ahead of me on the highway, and I am constantly setting new goals for and competing with myself, even. There's a well known teaching story about the day that the (mythical) town leaders, fearing that competition was causing strife among its residents, decided to banish all competition. As a result, nothing was ever again accomplished in that town; not a building built, or a business begun, or a game played among the children. The lesson of the story, of course, is that competition is part of what motivates us to succeed and even at times surpass ourselves.

Bravo, Liz - and see you at the Bend next May 26.

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