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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Meet Mya

Mya Wild Smith was born on Thursday, January 14, 2011 at the Martha's Vineyard Hospital to Julia and Ryan Smith, and joins almost-2 1/2 year-old big sister, Hailey Elizabeth.

Mya and Hailey complete four generations of friendship between Mya's family and mine, a rare and precious occurrence in this age of families being spread from here to kingdom come. Mya's great-grandma Dorothy Wild and my mother were friends; Mya's grandmother, Becky Wild Baxter and I have been good friends for years; our children have been friends since babyhood, and now our grandchildren will be friends. Becky's brother, Mike, and my brother, John, knew each other too, enjoying a summer friendship in the 1950's that revolved around cars - John's '52 robins' egg blue Ford, and the Wild family Oldsmobile.

These photos follow the tradition that was begun in 1974 when Becky came up from Florida to meet my new born son, Adam, when he was four days old and took pictures and brushed my hair - sorely needed and the best hair brushing I've ever had.  We've been doing it back and forth ever since then. Well, not the hair brushing part. 

Mya Wild Smith
Hailey and her new sister, Mya.

Mya Wild Smith

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