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Saturday, December 31, 2011


This is one of my more fortuitous street portraits of late. I say fortuitous because yesterday as I was heading out for a late afternoonwalk with my family I discovered that my camera battery was dead (very unusual for me as I am very organized in this department) so decided to make a short stop at home to pick up a fresh battery, all while thinking, "I don't know why I'm bothering, it's so late and will be dark soon and there's nobody much around, anyway," but I'm so glad I did because two blocks later I ran into this gentleman standing on the corner of North Summer and Main. I literally stopped in my tracks and blurted, "Oh, you're so wonderful, please allow me to take your picture, and don't move or change a thing," instructions that he followed very well, I might add.

I learned that his name is Chamba.

Chamba, North Water Street, Edgartown Street Photography

Chamba, North Water Street, Edgartown Street Photography

These are a conch pots, I think, though they don't look quite like the conch pots I'm familiar with.

Chamba, North Water Street, Edgartown Street Photography

I was recently asked, "What's special about taking pictures at twilight?" The question was in reference to my particular combination of camera and lens (5DMKII and 50/1.4), but this photo is as good an answer as any. In short, twilight is a magical in between time when it is dark enough for lights (including celestial objects) to twinkle, but still light enough for the sky, the subject matter, and silhouettes to be seen.

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