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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Long Live the Radio Flyer

State Road, West Tisbury
My little red wagon is long retired from its grocery-hauling duties, having served that purpose quite well in its day. I loved shopping with that wagon, walking straight past the lines of traffic backed up on Upper Main Street in July and August, but it did have one major flaw: it was heavy to pull, even when empty, so hauling a full wagon of groceries home - in those days all the way to Plantingfield Way - took a lot of energy, so I made the switch to a light-weight, folding grocery cart a while back and relegated the wagon to garden and yard duty. I was hoping someday to pull my grandchildren in my Radio Flyer - the super model with wood rails and monster tires - but hauling rocks and dirt, not to mention leaving it out in the weather, has worn the bed down to a fine lace-work of rust, so a new wagon will be needed soon for the babies.

I am of the generation that remembers Lenny Marchant delivering groceries from Connor's Market all over town with his Radio Flyer, and I know I'll never take Lenny's place in the annals of Edgartown Red Wagon History, but at least one person, my neighbor Jim Joyce, did think of me when he saw this video (thank you):



  1. I also remember Lenny delivering groceries around town, and I miss seeing you and your wagon at Stop and Shop! P.A.

  2. Lenny was amazing, wasn't he? If only we knew then what we know now about the special people in our midst.

    Stay tuned - there will be a shiny-new, baby-and-grocery-filled Radio Flyer in the offing in the not-too-distant future, I am sure.