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Monday, October 4, 2010

Oatmeal Season, Day Two

Okay, so day two of oatmeal season has not begun so well, my having burnt this morning's batch, which is often the way things go when I am involved with more interesting and creative matters, which includes almost everything. I ate it anyway, though,  because I only have one oatmeal pot and it would have been lunchtime by the time I got it scoured out well enough to cook up an un-scorched serving. I'm not a bad cook, really, it's just that I mostly find that eating, and all the activities that surround it, right down to brushing and flossing afterward, is quite disruptive to the flow of my day. I wonder why we were made so that we have to eat, anyway. Think of all the extra time in the day we'd have if we did not have to: 1. think of what we want to eat; 2. buy it; 3. prepare it; 4. eat it; 5. clean up, etcetera. Maybe someday scientists will figure out a way to upgrade the human body so that we won't be constantly interrupted by having to feed it.

See? Even Stop and Shop knows to put apples, dried fruit, and nuts together.
Stop and Shop's fall apple supply is in.
(And surely, isn't flip-flop season out, now that it's cold and dank enough for long pants and a heavy sweater? Don't get me going on what I think of flip-flops - great for the shower, but how on earth is it possible to accomplish anything in life while wearing these flimsy excuses for shoes that expose the toes to all manner of low-lying obstacles and things that drop, not to mention the extra leg muscles involved in keeping them from falling off?)

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