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Sunday, November 13, 2016

November Supermoon, 2016

I just barely made it to today's Supermoon event down at the lighthouse (touted as historic, and the largest-appearing moon since 1948 - who could resist?); almost missing the main reason I recently spent a small fortune on my new monster lens. That's what I get for trying to cram too many things into one afternoon (note to self: realistically, you can only do one thing at a time, dummy).

It all turned out for the best, however. If I had had time to arrive earlier and assemble with the crowd down beneath the lighthouse, I would have missed the largeness of the moon; my 600mm lens being way too long to fit the lighthouse and the moon into one frame, necessitating my having to back off on the zoom, and what I would have ended up with (and did, when I finally found my way over to the lighthouse after getting my emergency and impromptu shot from the causeway) would not have been much different than many of my other moon/lighthouse shots in the past. Distance and landscape and context were my friends in this case.

This is not exactly what I expected, or had planned on, but it will suffice as a learning experience.

Now, what time does this thing set?

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