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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Twenty-one Years Today

Alison Boylston Piazza
Alison Boylston Piazza, November 18, 1913 - March 14, 1992.

A few years before my mother died, she planted a handful of crocus bulbs in the front of the Main Street house. Within only a few years they had multiplied to the point of the small front yard between the porch and the sidewalk's being a sea of purple. After her death, they always came into bloom right around her anniversary, beginning with a few blooms around March 14, the day she died, and climaxing by March 21, the day she was buried. Who doesn't love spring and seeing the first crocus blooming, but I have always found the blooming of these particular crocuses (crocii, actually, but who ever says that?) reassuring; this not-so-subtle hint of the theme of new life and resurrection being tied directly to my mother. The blooms have dwindled over the years - and I do wonder if the greens-boosting fertilizer that a well-meaning tenant applied to the lawn a few years back is to blame - and perhaps I will replenish the crop at some point - but I do look forward to their blooming every year, and what better day - or way - to get out and rake and clean - waking up the large muscle group while honoring my dear mother - than today?

Alison Boylston Piazza


  1. Sara, Like you she too was a treasure and has left her legacy in more ways than just crocii.
    It was an honor to have known her and you.
    Mary Gould formerly of Edgartown and now
    West Tisbury

    1. Thanks, Mary - and by "have known," surely neither one of us - you or I - is going anywhere too soon. Well, I'm headed off-island today. LOL

      Thanks, Mary.