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Friday, March 15, 2013


Shurtleff homestead, Edgartown News, Sara Piazza Photography

The Shurtleff homestead on Plantingfield Way has been sold and is now being gutted. While it is sad to see my great-grandparents' farmhouse fall out of the hands of family (it has been owned by my cousins, Pat and Gordon Tyra for the past decade or so), and very sad to see its innards being torn out - rooms where my mother and her cousins played games together by lamplight on many a childhood summer's evening - I've lived through enough change - have seen dancing eventually springing forth from tombs - to know that this is not the last chapter for this old house. Change is hard - especially when it's so close to home - but not always necessarily bad. Stay tuned.

Shurtleff homestead, Edgartown News, Sara Piazza photography
The Shurtleff homestead in more intact and peaceful days.

Shurtleff homestead, Edgartown News, Sara Piazza Photography
My Great-granny Mary Isadora Lawlor Shurtleff, whose parents, James and Mary, hailed from Co. Kildare. I never met Granny Shurtleff, but have come to know her, in a way, through Irish music, which I'm sure tickles her to no end.

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