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Monday, March 12, 2012

40 Years

On March 8, Liz Herrmann celebrated the milestone of having worked forty years as register of probate for the County of Dukes County. Congratulations, Liz.

(via smartphone on a beautiful spring morning and which visit to the bench in front of the courthouse also included Barry Nevin)

(And here is the correct information I have since received from Liz. The smartphone is very smart, indeed, but not necessarily useful for much more than a few sentences, for which, perhaps, the world should be grateful):

Liz Herrmann celebrated her 40th year working at the Dukes County Registry of Probate on March 8, 2012. Liz began at the entry level in March of 1974, having been sworn in as Deputy Assistant Register, and appointed by Emily Huntington Rose. Emily H. Rose was the Register of Probate from Jan. 3, 1973 until her retirement on January 2, 1997. Liz was sworn in as Register the following morning on Jan. 3, 1997. Emily had served as Register for 25 years and then decided not to run for re-election so Liz decided to run and was unopposed. Liz has served as Register from Jan. 3, 1997 to the current date.

That's all as for the basic facts, but so much has happened since Liz began, it would be much too much to put in your blog, Sara.

(Thanks, Liz)

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