Welcome. Edgartown News was born from the simple fact that I have ink and Dektol in my veins and I need to write and photograph more than I need air or food, and from my love for this little town where I grew up and raised my family, the town I have left a few times but can't quite shake for good. Here you will find wanderings and musings, photographs and commentary; the people, places, and happenings - past and present - of a small island town: my home town.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Vineyard Autumn Session 2011

Trad in Edgartown! My second annual Vineyard Autumn Session, held at Plantingfield Way. Great-Granny Shurtleff would be pleased.


  1. Great stuff! The black and white photography style accompanied by the music conjurers up visions of Irish immigrants of the early 1900' relaxing after a hard weeks work.


  2. Looks and sounds like great fun! Wish I could have been there-next year!