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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wintucket Waterworks, from the Archives

So, the day I sent out the Wintucket Station post, I received this message from Janice Belisle: "Sara, I cannot believe this 'god-wink'.....coincidence, etc.  I was just emptying out a huge box this AM....AND I came across old negatives of Gene Belisle's  of the Wintucket pumping station ! ! !   I have not even thought of it in years. AND here is your blog about it."

I now have the negatives (once upon a time, Gene had a darkroom in his Silva Lane home and was very involved with photography), and since I recently got my film scanner up and running, was able to run off a few of these old photos.Thank you, Janice (and Gene).

Wintucket Waterworks, Gene Belisle
This photo explains the round brick foundation in my photo from last week - I only vaguely remembered what was on top of it (file photo, Gene Belisle)

Wintucket Waterworks, Gene Belisle
The pump house, exactly as I remember it (file photo, Gene Belisle).

Wintucket Waterworks, Gene Belisle
The actual waterworks. Magnificent (file photo, Gene Belisle).

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