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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fashion Hints for May

You may have noticed in these pages the occasional appearance of the writings of my dear late mother. I'm in the process of illustrating her poetry - "doggerel," she called it - a collection of a couple of dozen poems that range from sardonic to sentimental which she typed out on onion skin on her trusty black Royal and bound into a blue three-ring folder. I keep this folder in my travel bag so it is always with me in case inspiration strikes (and I noticed today that the pages are becoming worn from my perusing). This time, my inspiration was nudged by the purple lilac that has begun to bloom all over town. Half the fun was walking the streets after supper looking for the perfect lilac bush to photograph; the other half was the smell.
(the collection - so far - is here)

Edgartown, purple lilac, Alison Boylston Piazza

Fashion Hints for May by Alison Boylston Piazza

Old houses should be dressed in grey,

Pearl-sheened by years of sun and rain,

With frosty white to brighten doors

And outline every window pane.

And then to add a subtle note

Of color and of fragrance rare,

A purple lilac standing tall

Among green leaves should blossom there.

Edgartown, purple lilac, Alison Boylston Piazza

Edgartown, purple lilac, Alison Boylston Piazza

Edgartown, purple lilac, Alison Boylston Piazza

Edgartown, purple lilac, Alison Boylston Piazza


  1. Very nice impressions indeed :-) What a perfect match with the poem!


  2. Sara, I just love this poem.
    It says everything that I feel when the lilacs are blooming at the doorway of my old cottage, and the entire yard is perfumed by their presence.

  3. Thank you, Beat, for stopping by. I wonder if there are lilacs in Switzerland.

    Thanks, Allouise - yes, my mother had a way with words.